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Page 62: Restoring the default marantz file via pc

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The Revert Configuration

Why Use The Revert Configuration

By deleting the Marantz factory default, you will add 400K of free
memory. The Revert configuration includes all of the button art and
fundamental features of the Default configuration; however, it does
not have all of the pre-programmed Marantz RC codes, nor does it
have all of the demonstration macro groups (Help, FAV CD, etc.).
The thirteen templates programmed into the Revert file are
designed to give you the elements necessary to construct any kind
of configuration for any kind of home theater system.

How To Use The Revert Configuration

The tab style navigation is present in the ten active device groups.
Simply use Copy Existing Device to duplicate a group without RC
codes, then relabel buttons and tabs and teach the RC9200/5200
the RC codes of your existing remote controls. The following
popular Marantz codes are included:

TV =Marantz PV6080/5580 CD= Marantz CC3000/CC4000

DVD=Marantz DV-18/DV7000 CDR=Marantz DR-17/DR-17II

Tuner=Marantz ST-17 VCR=Marantz MV-880

Tape=Marantz SD4050 AMP=SR18/AV9000

Restoring The Default Marantz File Via PC

You can restore the default Marantz configuration on any Windows
PC with internet access by using your internet connection to
connect to Download RCEdit, a self installing
file. Install RCEditby double clicking on the downloaded file. Start
RCEdit from the Start button program menu. Connect your
RC9200/5200 to your PC. Once RCEdit is up and running, choose
Open Configuration from the file menu. Click on Samples and
double click on the file named “New_ RC9200/5200_Default.” Now,
from the file menu choose Download to RC9200/5200. The file will
download and the Marantz default file will be fully restored (see
page 47).

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