Getting started – Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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Home Buttons Jump to Device Panel Groups
and Change Your Receiver’s Inputs

Each of the Device Panel Groups has a matching Device button on
the home panel. These Device buttons perform two actions when

1 Jumps to the main panel of the Device Group.

2 Changes your home theater receiver/preamp to the appropriate

input. See page 30 to program for a non-Marantz

Jump to a Device Panel Group
Without Changing Inputs

1 Pop up the Device menu, by tapping

the Device Menu bar.

2 Look at the labels for the Left and Right

hard buttons. Now, they are labeled

3 Press and hold either of the two Left and Right hard buttons,

then select the device you would like to jump to. No input
commands will be sent to your receiver/preamp.

Getting Started

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