Reference, Labeling a home button, a device or a macro group – Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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For capital letters and symbols, press the Left hard button
repeatedly to display the keyboard you want.

5 Tap Enter to save the changes and return to the panel you were

Tap Cancel to return to the panel you were at without saving

6 Label all other items you want and return to Use mode via the

Mode button.

Labeling a Home Button, a Device or a Macro Group

Remember, the buttons on home are linked (automatically
)to the labels you create for the Device menu, so any
change you make to the Device menu names will be automatically
carried out on your home panel buttons.

1 Switch to Label mode via the Mode button


2 Tap the device tab to open the Device menu.

Tap the macro tab to open the Macro menu.

3 Touch and hold either the RC9200/5200’s Left or Right button

and tap the device you want to program.
Even when you want to program the currently active
device/macro group, you have to tap it in the Device/Macro

4 Complete steps 3 to 6 in “Labeling a button” on page 33.


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