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User Guide



The device or macro tab is active when the name of a device or

macro is displayed.

2 Switch to Move mode via the Mode button

The RC9200/5200 displays the menu.

3 Tap the menu item of your choice.

The menu item is highlighted.

4 Use the Left and Right buttons to move the menu item up or


5 Tap Accept to save the changes.

You return to Use mode.


Deleting and Restoring


You can delete control panel buttons and actions associated with a
direct-access or a Left/Right button.

You can also delete Device menu items and Macro menu items.

Home menu buttons cannot be deleted directly. You have to delete
them via the Device menu.

Deleting a button or button action


Borderless buttons (frames) such as the greeting on the home

panel cannot be deleted. You can only hide them by deleting all

of the text of their label (see “Labeling a button” on page 18).

1 Switch to Delete mode via the Mode button


2 Tap the button you want to delete.

3 Tap Delete Button Action.

The result depends on the element you are deleting:


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