Getting started – Marantz RC9200 User Manual

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User Guide


For labeling buttons and commands.

For adding new devices.

For deleting buttons, devices and macros.

For changing the order in a menu.

For selecting the correct ID for the RF Extender

To switch to another mode

1 Tap the Mode button

at the bottom of the touchscreen or

the label of the mode you are using.
The Mode menu pops up.

2 Tap the mode you want to use.

The label of the active mode appears on the RC9200/5200 icon.
You can now work in the selected mode.


USE mode is the normal operating mode for the

RC9200/5200. The RC9200/5200 will not “time out” and

automatically return to USE mode. You must redisplay the Mode

Menu and select USE.

Getting Started

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