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Page 26: Macros can delay between steps

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Macros Send Commands To Your System

You can make any or all of the 255 steps send an remote
control command to your system. The step is actually just a
recording of the location of any button on any device panel. To
record an RC command, you simply navigate to the panel and
button you want, then touch it. Thus, all RC commands in a
Macro must first be taught to a button location first.

You cannot learn a new IR command. The Macro side of the
RC9200/5200 does not have the LEARN mode available.

You cannot record a button on a Home or Macro panel as a
step in a macro. However, you can record a “device action,”
which is what a home button really does (see page 26).

Macros Can Delay Between Steps

You can program a delay as any or all of the 255 steps of a

You can adjust that delay in 1/10th of a second intervals
between .1 and 99.9 seconds.

Customizing Your RC9200/5200


Programming Macros & Panel Jumps

You will do all of your Macro/Jump programming within a window
that will appear after you press the EDIT button on the Macro Mode
menu. Before proceeding with programming, make sure that you
understand how to move around in the Edit window and how to
read the RC9200/5200’s shorthand notation for each macro step
(see page 43).

1 Write a list of all of the actions in the operation you want to


2 Play with all of the example Macro groups. Are any of these

examples adaptable to your purposes? If you have only a few
macros to program, you may be better off deleting all of them

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