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Problem Indicators

If machine has not been properly set to sew, a problem indicator will appear in LCD window advising where problem is located.

Problem indicators, cause & solution




• Bobbin winding shaft was left in right position

after winding.

• Move bobbin winding shaft back to left position.

Lower buttonhole lever.
Buttonhole lever has
not been pulled down.
(See page 26, 27.)

Check needle thread.


Upper thread has run out or broken or


Thread is not in thread sensor guide.

Select a pattern.
Select one of patterns shown on lower screen.

Machine does not accept this operation.

Memory error
Memory is full.

Indicates pattern is being stored in memory

after key is pressed.

Indicates pattern is being recalled from memory

after mUk key is pressed.

Problem indicators, cause & solution

Raise needle.


Place embroidery frame on machine.
Place embroidery frame in position on machine.

Change to full size embroidery frame.

Embroidery card is not installed. Turn off power
and install card properly.


This card cannot be used.

Change it with another one.

Deletg. pattern with clear key.

Lower presser foot lifter.

Change needle thread to a different color.