Back tack, Changing sewing direction/pivoting, How to seiect needle positions – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

Page 25: Seam guides

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Back tack

Back tack is used at the

beginning and end of seam

to secure it.


Press back tack button

for 3 needle penetrations

to lock off seam.

& Begin sewing.

© Press back tack button

again for 3 needle
penetrations to lock off
other end of seam.

• The back tack button is only designed to be used for 3 needle penetrations at the ends of a seam.
• If you want to sew continuous reverse stitching, consult page 31 (Four Direction Sewing)

and use the continuous reverse stitch there.

• The sewing machine will back tack only while the button Is being pushed and stops when

the button Is released.

• The sewing machine runs at a slow speed when back tacking.

Changing sewing direction/pivoting

Stop machine in desired position.
Lower needle into fabric. Lift presser foot,
and turn material in desired sewing


Seam guides

Lower presser foot and start sewing.

How to seiect needle positions

When power is turned on, full left straight
stitch is automatically selected.

Press needle position buttons to select

from among 22 possible needle positions.