Preparation for embroidery, Attaching/removing embroidery bed, Inserting/removing embroidery card – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

Page 58: Securing materiai in embroidery frame

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Preparation for Embroidery

Precautions to be taken when embroidering

■ Attaching/removing embroidery bed

Turn off power

Slide embroidery bed to right on

1 switch.

2 to machine.

Push connector lever to

3 rightmost position.

Attach/remove embroidery bed to/from

machine while on level table.

To remove embroidery bed
from machine

1. Turn off power switch.

2. Return connector lever to

leftmost position.

3. Slide embroidery bed to left

from machine.

■ Inserting/removing embroidery card

Turn off power Hold embroidery card with arrow shown on it faced forward,

1 switch.

2 insert card straight into slot until it will go no further.

To remove embroidery card from


1. Turn off power switch.

2. Pull card straight out from slot.

■ Securing materiai in embroidery frame

All fabrics will sew better If permanent or temporary - sticking

non-woven fusible interfacing is adhered to the back of material.

Loosen frame adjusting

Draw marker lines on

screw and place material

material with assistant between inner and outer

1 marker.

2 frames.

Slightly tighten frame

adjusting screw, pull

material edges to remove

3 slack.


Make sure

lines align with raised marks on inner frame is completely


inserted into outer frame to
avoid frame dislodging during

Once material is properly
positioned with no slack,
securely tighten frame

4 adjusting screw.

Tighten screw.