Inserting invisible zippers – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

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Inserting Invisible Zippers

Since a seam does not
appear on right side of

material, opening can be

finished with material edges

neatly butted.


Select straight stitch.


Change foot.

When power switch is
turned ON, straight stitch is

automatically selected.

Attach invisible zipper foot

supplied in accessory bag.


on seamline, and press open seam

Set center of Invisible zipper on seam.
Baste zipper to seam allowances.

Undo basted seam up to opening end

shown and open zipper.

After fitting teeth of zipper to groove on invisible
zipper foot and raising teeth with fingers, sew

zipper tape on seam allowance from opening
end by forming seam along edge of teeth.

Sew other side of zipper tape on seam allow­
ance using same procedure.