Even feeding, 1 stitch. 2 remove presser foot holder, 3 attach even feed foot to machine – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

Page 49: Rolled hemming

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Rolled Hemming

Select desired stitch

1 pattern.


Change foot.

Material edge is hemmed while rolling it
Used for finishing bottom of shirts and
blouses and edges of frills and handker­

in accessory bag.


Straight stitch

needle position may
be adjusted for perfect

sewing position, (see

page 15 or 23)

work easier.

Insert material into spiral groove in hemmer foot
until needle position is reached.

Even Feeding

To prevent slippage of material, use even
feed foot.

Drawing ends of needle and bobbin threads, turn
handwheel 3 or 4 turns by hand to guide material

to hemmer foot.

Use even feed foot only for forward stitching.

* Do not use it for any patterns which feed sideways or feed

both forward and reverse.

* For matching plaids and designs,
* To prevent slipping, stretching or

sticking when sewing fabrics such as
synthetic suede, sheers, heavy knit and

Select straight




Remove presser foot holder.


Attach even feed foot to machine.

When power switch is

turned on, straight stitch

is automatically selected.

Lift presser bar, remove presser foot clamp screw

and remove presser foot holder.

Put forked section of actuating lever around
needle clamp, attach to presser bar and securely

tighten presser foot clamp screw.

' Sew at low or medium sewing speed.
' To sew elastic materials such as knits and jersey, set presser foot adjusting lever to "LOW.”