SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

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Be sure to turn power switch OFF before replacing sewing
machine needle, or lubricating machine.

When not in use, be sure to turn power switch OFF and

unplug machine.

Do not use thinner or other similar solvents to clean

Do not expose machine to direct sunlight or humid atmos­

This sewing machine uses a micro computer and precision electronic circuits consisting of semiconductor components, so

please observe the following precautions:
• Keep room temperature at 40°F to 100°F. If temperature of room where machine is used is too low, machine may present

problems such as failure to reach its normal sewing speed.

• Motor used in this sewing machine is electronically controlled. When the machine is operated for an extended period of

time at low speed, safety device will automatically turn machine OFF preventing motor from overheating. If motor should

stop while sewing, turn power switch OFF, and wait about 20 minutes. This will reset safety device.