Attaching/removing embroidety frame, To remove embroidery frame from sewing machine, Letter embroidery guide – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

Page 59: Initial letter embroidery frame

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■ Attaching/removing embroidety frame

Fully raise embroidery presser

foot and put embroidery frame

1 under it.

Slide frame into slot located on

2 embroidery bed until it clicks.

To remove embroidery frame from sewing


Pull embroidery frame towards front of
machine while pressing frame lever.





i—■ w\

Fully raise embroidery presser foot and pull

out frame from under presser foot.

Determining iocation of embroidery, inside embroidery frame

Lower LCD panel


) Select pattern

2. ) Press one of the four-direction



When pressing


warning sound indicates frame will

move no further in that direction.

(right / left / up / down) on key, and

frame will move in direction of arrow

Adjust so embroidery presser foot is
at center of marker lines.

3.) Press key, and frame will

move to show embroidery area.

Letter embroidery guide

This guide plate indicates standard, reduced and
enlarged sizes of letters to be embroidered.

Use guide to confirm possible embroidery area extending from top end to bottom end

of embroidery frame, needle position and reference line of letter pattern to be sewn.

How to use letter embroidery guide.

1) Draw needle entry line on fabric with assistant marker using needle hole slot

^ I in letter embroidery guide.

Use letter embroidery guide for checking upper and lower sewing range.

2) Secure material in embroidery frame (see page 56).

Attach embroidery frame (see page 57).

3) Enter desired letters into memory.

Initial letter embroidery

Material can be secured in frame

following same procedure as large frame.
This frame is suited to embroidery of a

small number of letters. Initial frame can
only be used with 1.0 and 0.7 cm letters.

4) Use the four direction arrows ^^ J ^—J up or down to position the needle over the marker line on the fabric. Use the left

or right arrows to locate the center of the letters to be sewn.

5) Press sewing range key to check left most and right most range.