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Major Functions

' LCD Brightness control:

Controls brightness and contrast of upper LCD window and
lower LCD touch-screen.

• Upper LCD window:

View stitch pattern graphics and problem indicators.

• Thread meter override buttons:

Increases and decreases top thread supply (tension).

• Liquid crystal display:

Indicates presser foot, stitch length, stitch width, tension, mirror

image, turn over, pattern repeat, small abc, two color patterns
and memory.

» Stitch length override buttons:

Increases and decreases stitch length.

► Needle position/stitch width buttons:

Changes straight stitch needle position and stitch width.

► Lower LCD touch-screen:

Indicates patterns which may be selected.

Memory buttons:
Memorize, clear, review, store and recall patterns.

' Pattern category buttons:

Used to select large motifs, fun faces, regular, alphabet or
embroidery category touch-screens.

Utility pattern button:
Instant access to utility pattern screen

Back tack button

Thread cutting button

Presser foot pressure

Used to back tack beginning
and end of seam.

lower thread.

foot according to type and
thickness of material.

Stitch balance control

patterns. (Please see page