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Principal Parts

Thread sensor guide

Bobbin winder thread guide

Face plate cover

Presser foot adjusting lever

Sewing speed lever

(When foot speed controller is not used.)

Thread cutter button

Back tack button

Start/stop button

(When foot speed controller is not used.

Needle plate

Auxiliary bed (Accessory box)

Drop feed lever

Presser foot lifter

Stitch balance control

Foot speed controller



Thread spool cap

Spool pin

Bobbin thread cutter

Bobbin winder

Spool pin felt

LCD brightness control

Upper LCD window:

Lower LCD touch-screen

Function buttons

Utility pattern button

Electric power cord

Buttonhole lever

Needle threader

Presser foot release button

Presser foot screw

Presser foot holder

Feed dog

Needle plate

Needle clamp


Presser foot

Bobbin case cover button

Bobbin case