Manual buttonholes – SINGER XL100 Quantum User Manual

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Manual Buttonholes

Select desired stitch

1 pattern.


Change foot.

Automatic foot can make buttonholes up to 1 1/2:

use transparent foot to create larger buttonholes.

^ To make ribbon casings

Other uses for Transparent foot I.

' For french machlne-sewing:mock whip and roll,

pin-tucking and entredeux, are better controlled
because there is a groove In bottom of foot.

' For satin stitching

Mark rnaterial to indicate buttonhole
Lower buttonhole foot so that mark is at

center of needle hole in foot.

Lower buttonhole lever.

Start sewing while slightly pulling
buttonhole lever towards front of



When needle reaches end of marker line,
slightly press buttonhole lever towards

rear of machine.


slightly pull lever towards front of

* Machine starts straight stitching on

right-hand parallel section of button­

slightly press buttonhole lever towards

rear of machine.

* Machine starts zigzag stitching on right-

hand parallel section of buttonhole.

When needle reaches beginning of mark,
slightly pull lever towards front of

machine and sewing machine will start
bartacking, perform fastening stitching
and stop.

If sewing machine does not operate as described above, stop machine and press buttonhole pattern key again. It will start

buttonholing from beginning.