Using lg health – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Useful Apps


Using LG Health

You can view main information on LG Health and manage the amount of

physical exercise and health information.



Essentials LG Health.


The following options are available.

: View your exercise log.

: Begin tracking an exercise. The route and amount of your

physical exercise are recorded for each exercise type.

: Set your daily exercise goals including calories and steps, or set

various LG Health settings.

Health-related information provided by LG Health is designed for user

convenience and cannot be used for purposes of disease prevention,

treatment, diagnosis or other medical issues.

LG Health may vary or may not be available, depending on the country

and service provider. LG Health functions that are available and apps

that can be added to LG Health may vary, depending on the country. This

is due to differing laws and regulations.

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