Inserting the memory card, Precautions when using the sim card – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions



Insert the card tray back into the slot.

This device supports only Nano SIM cards.

For problem-free performance, it is recommended to use the device

with the correct type of SIM card.

If you insert the card tray into your device while the card tray is wet,

your device may be damaged. Always make sure the card tray is dry.

Precautions when using the SIM card

Do not lose your SIM card. LG is not responsible for damage and other

issues caused by loss or transfer of a SIM card.

Be careful not to damage the SIM card when you insert or remove it.

Inserting the memory card

Insert the memory card into your device.
The device can support up to a 2 TB microSD card. Depending on the

memory card manufacturer and type, some memory card may not be

compatible with your device.


Insert the ejection pin into the hole on the card tray.


Pull out the card tray.

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