Recording a video, Customizing the camera options – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Useful Apps


Recording a video


Select a camera mode and tap the subject to focus the camera on.


Tap .

To take a photo while recording a video, tap .

To pause the video recording, tap . To resume the video recording,

tap .


Tap to end the video recording.

Customizing the camera options

You can customize a variety of camera options to suit your preferences.
Tap on the screen.

Available options vary depending on the selected camera (front or rear

camera) and the selected camera mode.

Photo size

Select the desired value for the aspect ratio and size of

your photos.

Video resolution

Select the desired value for resolution and size of your


Camera roll

Display your recent photos and videos along the side of

the screen.


Obtain photos in vivid colors and get compensated

effects even when they are taken against the light.

These functions are provided by the high dynamic range

(HDR) technology equipped in the camera.


Set the timer to automatically take photos after a

specified period of time.

Cheese shutter

Take photos with voice commands.

Tracking focus

Enable the camera to remain focused on the subject

you touch on the screen, even if the subject is moving.
(Available when the standard camera is in use.)

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