General notice – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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For Your Safety


General Notice

Do not place items containing magnetic components such as a credit card,

phone card, bank book, or subway ticket near your device. The magnetism of the

device may damage the data stored in the magnetic strip.

Talking on your device for a long period of time may reduce call quality due to

heat generated during use.

When the device is not used for a long period time, store it in a safe place with

the power cord unplugged.

Using the device in proximity to receiving equipment (i.e., TV or radio) may cause

interference to the device.

Do not immerse your device in water, liquid, or expose to high humidity.

Immediately, take it to an LG Authorized Service Center.

Do not paint your device.

The data saved in your device might be deleted due to careless use, repair of

the device, or upgrade of the software. Please backup your important phone

numbers. (Ringtones, text messages, voice messages, pictures, and videos could

also be deleted.) The manufacturer is not liable for damage due to the loss of


When you use the device in public places, set the ringtone to vibration so you

don’t disturb others.

Do not turn your device on or off when putting it to your ear.

Use accessories, such as earphones and headsets, with caution. Ensure that

cables are tucked away safely.

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