Fingerprint recognition, Fingerprint recognition overview, Precautions for fingerprint recognition – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition overview

You must register your fingerprint on your device first before using the

fingerprint recognition function.
You can use the fingerprint recognition function in the following cases:

To unlock the screen.

To view the locked content in the Gallery or QuickMemo+.

Confirm a purchase by signing in to an app or identifying yourself with

your fingerprint.

Your fingerprint can be used by the device for user identification. Very

similar fingerprints from different users may be recognized by the

fingerprint sensor as the same fingerprint.

Precautions for fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint recognition accuracy may decrease due to a number of

reasons. To maximize the recognition accuracy, check the following before

using the device.

The device’s Power/Lock key has a fingerprint sensor. Ensure that the

Power/Lock key is not damaged by a metallic object, such as coin or


When water, dust or other foreign substance is on the Power/Lock key

or your finger, the fingerprint registration or recognition may not work.

Clean and dry your finger before using the fingerprint sensor.

A fingerprint may not be recognized properly if the surface of your

finger has a scar or is not smooth due to being soaked in water.

If you bend your finger or use the fingertip only, your fingerprint may

not be recognized. Make sure that your finger covers the entire surface

of the Power/Lock key.

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