Accessibility – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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You can manage accessibility plug-ins installed on your device.


On the settings screen, tap

General Accessibility.


Customize the following settings:

Vision TalkBack: Set the device to notify screen status or actions

via voice.

Vision Message/call voice notifications: Set the device to read

the caller information or message content via voice.

Vision Font size: Change the font size.

Vision Bold text: Bold the text on the screen.

Vision Display size: Set the items on the screen to a size that is

easy for you to see. Some items may change position.

Vision Touch zoom: Zoom in or out by tapping the screen three


Vision Window zoom: Zoom in or out within a window and invert

the color.

Vision Large mouse pointer: Magnify the mouse pointer.

Vision High contrast screen: Turn the background color into

black for a high contrast screen.

Vision Screen color inversion: Increase the display color contrast

for people with low vision.

Vision Screen color adjustment: Adjust the display color.

Vision Grayscale: Switch the screen to grayscale mode.

Vision End calls with the Power key: End a call by pressing the

Power/Lock key.

Hearing Captions: Turn on the subtitle service when playing

videos for the hearing impaired.

Hearing Flash alerts: Set the device to notify you with a blinking

light for incoming calls, messages and alarms.

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