LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 147

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Possible causes

Possible corrective measures

Charging error

Battery is not charged.

Charge battery.

Outside temperature is too

hot or cold.

Make sure device is charging at a

normal temperature.

Contact problem

Check the charger and its

connection to the device.

No voltage

Plug the charger into a different


Charger defective

Replace the charger.

Wrong charger

Use only original LG accessories.

Number not


The Fixed dialing number

function is on.

Check the Settings menu and

turn the function off.

Files do not


Unsupported file format

Check the supported file


The screen

does not turn

on when I

receive a call.

Proximity sensor problem

If you use a protection tape

or case, make sure it has not

covered the area around the

proximity sensor. Make sure that

the area around the proximity

sensor is clean.

No sound

Vibration mode

Check the settings status in

the sound menu to make sure

you are not in vibration or no

interruptions mode.

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