Viewing content from nearby devices, Sending or receiving files, Connecting the devices – LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 59: Searching for nearby devices, Sending files, Receiving files

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Basic Functions


Viewing content from nearby devices

You can view content from various devices, such as a computer, NAS or

mobile device, by using the Gallery or Music apps.

Connecting the devices

Connect both your device and another device that support DLNA function

to the same wireless network.

Make sure that File sharing (DLNA) is activated on both the device and

the connected device.

Searching for nearby devices

You can view a list of DLNA devices on the same network by selecting the

Nearby devices menu in each app.
Use content from nearby devices as if you were using it on your device.

Sending or receiving files

You can share files between your device and another LG device, or a tablet

or computer.

Sending files

From the

Gallery or File Manager app, tap Share or , then select a

device on the file sharing list.

Receiving files

Drag the status bar downward and tap , then tap

File sharing.

You can also share files using SmartShare Beam. To activate, tap

Settings Networks Share & connect File sharing SmartShare



Make sure that your device is connected to the same wireless network

as the file transfer target device.

Make sure that File sharing is activated on both the device and the

target device.

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