Using the battery efficiently, Precautions when using the device – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions


Remove the charger from the power socket after the device is fully

charged. This prevents unnecessary power consumption.

A charging adapter that supports fast charging is included with the


The fast charging feature may not work if a fast charging adapter other

than the genuine adapter provided with the product is used.

Another way to charge the battery is by connecting a USB cable

between the device and a desktop or laptop computer. This may take a

longer time than plugging the adapter to a wall outlet.

Do not charge the battery by using a USB hub that is unable to maintain

the rated voltage. Charging may fail or unintentionally stop.

Precautions when using the device

Make sure to use the USB cable provided; do not use third party USB

cables or chargers with your device. The LG limited warranty does not

cover the use of third party accessories.

Failure to follow the instructions in this guide and improper use may

damage the device.

Using the battery efficiently

Battery lifespan may decrease if you keep many apps and functions

running simultaneously and continuously.
Stop apps and functions from running in the background to increase

battery life.
To minimize battery consumption, follow these tips:

Turn off the Bluetooth


or Wi-Fi network function when not using


Set the screen timeout to as short a time as possible.

Minimize the screen brightness.

Set a screen lock when the device is not in use.

Check the battery usage details and close any downloaded apps that

are draining the battery.

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