Interval shot, Auto shot – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Interval shot

You can take selfies at an interval.
While using the front camera, you can show your palm to the camera,

then clench your fist twice quickly.

Four photos are taken at about two seconds interval after a timer

delay of three seconds.


Selfie shot Gesture shot to use this feature.

Auto shot

You can use the face detection feature to take selfies easily and

conveniently. You can set the device so that, when you look at the screen,

the front camera detects your face and takes a selfie automatically.

The white colored guide frame appears when the front camera detects

your face. If the subject within the guide frame stops moving, the guide

frame color turns blue, then the camera takes a photo.


Selfie shot Auto shot to enable the Auto shot feature.

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