Smart settings, Date & time – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Phone administrators: Allow privileges to restrict the control or

use of the device to particular apps.

Unknown sources: Allow the installation of apps from non-Play

Store apps.

Credential protection: View the type of the storage where the

security certificate will be saved.

Certificate management: Manage the security certificate saved on

the device.

Trust agents: View and use trust agents installed on the device.

Screen pin: Fix the app screen so that only the currently active app

can be used.

Usage access: View details on usage of apps on the device.

Smart settings

You can automatically change your device settings according to the usage

pattern and location.

To use Smart settings, make sure to set the residential address. See


for details.


On the settings screen, tap

General Smart settings.


Activate the items you want to automatically change settings for.

Date & time

You can customize date and time settings for your device.


On the settings screen, tap

General Date & time.


Customize the desired settings.

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