LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions


Proximity/Ambient light sensor

- Proximity sensor: During a call, the proximity sensor turns off the

screen and disables touch functionality when the device is in close

proximity to the human body. It turns the screen back on and enables

touch functionality when the device is outside a specific range.

- Ambient light sensor: The ambient light sensor analyzes the ambient

light intensity when the auto-brightness control mode is turned on.

Volume keys

- Adjust the volume for ringtones, calls or notifications.
- While using the Camera, gently press a Volume key to take a photo.

To take continuous photos, press and hold the Volume key.

- Press the Volume Down (-) key twice to launch the

Camera app

when the screen is locked or turned off. Press the Volume Up (+) key

twice to launch Capture+.

Power/Lock key (Fingerprint sensor)

- Briefly press the key when you want to turn the screen on or off.
- Press and hold the key when you want to select a power control


- Turn on the fingerprint recognition feature to simplify the process

of unlocking the screen. See

Fingerprint recognition overview



Your device has an internal rechargeable battery. For your safety, do not

remove the embedded battery.

Some functions may be restricted for access, depending on the device


On the rear of the device includes a built-in NFC antenna. Be cautious

when handling the device to avoid damaging or covering the NFC antenna.

Do not put heavy objects on the device or sit on it. Doing so may

damage the touch screen.

Screen-protective film or accessories may interfere with the proximity


If your device is wet or is being used in a humid place, the touch screen

or buttons may not function properly.

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