Battery, Charging the battery – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions



Charging the battery

Before using the device, fully charge the battery.
Charge the device with the USB Type-C cable.

USB Type-C cable

Charging cable


USB Type-C port

Do not charge while the device or charging cable is wet or contains

moisture. This can cause fire, electric shock, injury or damage to device.

Make sure to use the USB cable provided with your device.

Make sure to use an LG-approved charger and charging cable. Charging

the battery with a third-party charger may cause the battery to explode

or may damage the device.

Your device has an internal rechargeable battery. For your safety, do not

remove the embedded battery.

Using the device when it is charging may cause electric shock. To use the

device, stop charging it.

This device is also compatible with wireless charging devices approved

by LG, which are sold separately.

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