Making a gif file – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Custom-designed Features


You can view the photos related with the date you chose.

Related content can be related to up to four combinations of ‘Memories,

Date, Place, Camera mode’.

Tap to save the related content as a video.

Tap to access additional options.

Making a GIF file

You can easily make a GIF file using previously recorded video.
At the desired starting point while watching the video, tap



The GIF file is generated for the time selected from the current time.

For videos less than 5 seconds, GIF images are automatically generated

for the remaining time.

The GIF making feature is provided for the user’s creative activity. If

you infringe other’s copyright or defamation laws by using the GIF

making feature, you may be liable for civil and criminal liability. Be sure

to not duplicate or transfer the work of others without permission. LG

Electronics cannot accept any liability for the user’s action.

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