Secure start-up settings, Lock screen settings – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions


Secure start-up settings

For additional security for your device, you can enable the Secure start-up

option when setting a screen lock.

You cannot use all functions, except for emergency calls, until you

unlock the device.

If you forget your decryption password, you cannot restore encrypted

data and personal information.

Lock screen settings

You can customize the following lock screen settings.



Settings Display Lock screen.


Customize the following settings:

Select screen lock: Select a screen lock method.

Smart Lock: Select trusted items so that if you are connected to or

near one, the device is automatically unlocked.

Wallpaper: Change the lock screen background wallpaper.

Clock: Select the position of the clock on the lock screen.

Shortcuts: Add an app shortcut and directly access the app from

the lock screen.

Screen swipe effect: Set screen transition effects to apply when

the screen is unlocked.

Weather animation: Display weather animations for the current

location on the lock screen.

Contact info for lost phone: Display emergency contact

information on the lock screen.

Lock timer: Set the amount of idle time after which the device

automatically locks.

Power key instantly locks: Instantly lock the screen when the

Power/Lock key is pressed.

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