Photos, Play movies & tv, Play music – LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 113: Sheets, Slides, Youtube, Google assistant

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Useful Apps



View or share photos or albums saved on your device.

Play Movies & TV

Use your Google account to rent or purchase movies. Purchase content

and play it anywhere.

Play Music

Purchase music files from the Play Store. Play music files saved on your



Create spreadsheets or edit spreadsheets created online or from another

device. Share and edit spreadsheets together with others.


Create presentation material or edit presentation material created online

or from another device. Share and edit presentation material together

with others.


Search and play videos. Upload videos on YouTube to share them with

people around the world.

Google Assistant

Your device has the Google Assistant built in. Ask it questions. Tell it to do
things. It’s your own personal Google. Touch and hold the and then you

will see “Hi, how can I help?”, after which you can say your voice command.

The Google Assistant is not available in all languages.

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