Editing the home touch buttons – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions


Google search widget: Perform a Google search by inputting spoken

or written keywords.

Folder: Create folders to group apps by your preferences.

Page icon: Display the total number of Home screen canvases. Tap the

desired page icon to go to the page you selected. The icon reflecting

the current canvas will be highlighted.

Quick access area: Fix main apps at the bottom of the screen so that

they can be accessed from any Home screen canvas.

Home touch buttons

- : Return to the previous screen. Close the keypad or pop-up


- : Tap to go to the Home screen. To launch Google Assistant, touch

and hold.


: Tap to view a list of recently used apps or run an app from the

list. To delete all the recently used apps, tap

CLEAR ALL. To use two

apps at the same time with the Multi-Window feature, touch and

hold the button while using an app.

Editing the Home touch buttons

You can rearrange the Home touch buttons or add frequently used

functions to the Home touch buttons area.

Settings Display Home touch buttons Button

combination and customize the settings.

Several functions, including QSlide, Notification panel and Capture+, are

provided. A maximum of two items can be added.

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