LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 80

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Useful Apps


Photo size

Select the desired value for the aspect ratio and size of

your photos.

Video resolution

Select the desired value for the resolution and size of

your videos.


Obtain photos in vivid colors and get compensated

effects even when they are taken against the light.

These functions are provided by the high dynamic

range (HDR) technology equipped in the device’s



Set the timer to automatically take photos after a

specified period of time.

Cheese shutter

Take photos with voice commands.

Tracking focus

Enable the camera to remain focused on the subject

you touch on the screen, even if the subject is moving.
(Available when the standard camera is in use.)

Steady recording

Minimize motion blur while recording a video.

Tag locations

Save the image with GPS location data.


Display guide grids so that you can take photos or

record videos based on the horizontal and vertical

reference lines.

Add signature

Display a personalized signature on the photos.


Select if you want to store the pictures and videos in

the Internal storage or SD card.
(Available when the memory card is inserted.)


Provide help information for each camera menu.

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