Sound & notification – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Sound & notification

You can customize sound, vibrate and notification settings.
On the settings screen, tap

Sound & notification and customize the

following settings:

Sound profile: Change the sound mode to Sound, Vibrate only, or


Volume: Adjust the sound volume for various items.

Ringtone: Select a ringtone for incoming calls. Add or delete ringtones.

Ringtone ID: Create a ringtone for an incoming call from a particular


Vibration strength: Adjust the vibration intensity.

Sound with vibration: Set the device to vibrate and play a ringtone


Vibration type: You can select the type of vibration when receiving


Do not disturb: Set the time, range and app type to receive

notification messages. Receive notification messages only on particular

days of the week.

Lock screen: Display or hide a notification message on the lock screen.

You can also hide private information.

Apps: Select the apps that can show their notification messages on

the screen and set the priorities of those apps in regard to notification


More Notification sound: Select a notification ringtone. Set music

saved on the device as a notification ringtone.

More Vibrate on tap: Set the device to vibrate when you tap certain

items on the screen.

More Sound effects: Select a sound effect to play when you tap the

dialpad or keyboard, select an option, or lock or unlock the screen.

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