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Backup & reset

You can back up data saved on your device to another device or account.

Reset the device, if necessary.


On the settings screen, tap

General Backup & reset.


Customize the following settings:

LG Mobile Switch: Back up or restore the blocked sender list,

messages, images, home screens and other data saved on the

device. See

LG Mobile Switch

for details.

Backup & restore: Back up your device data or restore data to your

device from a backup.

Back up my data: Back up your app data, Wi-Fi password and other

settings to the Google server.

Backup account: View the current backup account in use.

Automatic restore: Automatically restore backup settings and data

when reinstalling an app.

Network settings reset: Reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other network


Factory data reset: Reset all settings for the device and delete


Resetting your device deletes all data on it. Enter your device name,

Google account and other initial information again.

About phone

You can view information about your device, such as the name, status,

software details and legal information.
On the settings screen, tap

General About phone and view information.

Regulatory & Safety

You can view regulatory marks and related information on your device.
On the settings screen, tap

General Regulatory & Safety.

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