Lg language settings, Lg bridge, Lg bridge overview – LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 139: Lg bridge functions

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LG Language Settings

Select a language to use on your device.


Settings General Language & keyboard Language

ADD LANGUAGE, and select a language.

- Touch and hold and drag it to the top of the language list to set it

as a default language.

LG Bridge

LG Bridge overview

LG Bridge is an app that helps you manage the photos, music, videos

and documents saved on your LG smartphone from your computer

conveniently. You can back up contacts, photos and more to the computer

or update the device software.

The supported features may vary depending on the device.

LG USB driver is a necessary program to connect your LG smartphone

with the computer and is installed when you install LG Bridge.

LG Bridge functions

Manage the files on the device from a computer via Wi-Fi connection

or mobile data connection.

Back up data from the device to a computer or restore data from a

computer to the device via USB cable connection.

Update the device software from a computer via USB cable connection.

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