LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 148

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Possible causes

Possible corrective measures

Hangs up or


Intermittent software/

hardware problem

Restarting the device
If your device freezes or hangs,

you may need to close apps or

turn off the device and turn it

on again.

Performing a boot-up
Press and hold the Power/Lock

key and the Volume Down (-)

key for about 10 seconds to

restart your device.

Resetting the device
If the methods above do not

solve your problem, perform a

factory data reset.
On the settings screen, tap

General Backup & reset

Factory data reset.
* Reset all settings for the

device and delete data. Before

performing the factory data

reset, remember to make

backup copies of all important

data stored in the device.

* If you registered a Google

account to the device, you must

sign in to the same Google

account after resetting the


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