Always-on display, Overview screen – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Custom-designed Features


Overview screen

The Overview screen provides a preview of your recently-used apps.
To view the list of recently-used apps, tap on the Home touch buttons.

Touch and hold an app and drag it to the top of the screen to start the

app with the Multi-Window feature. You can also tap at the top of

each app preview.

Always-on Display

You can display the date, time, signature or other information on the

screen even when the main screen is turned off. Always-on display is a

useful feature when you need to check the time quickly.



Settings Display Always-on display and then tap

to activate it.

This feature may be turned on when you purchase the device.

The default setting may vary depending on the area and service provider.



Content and select the item you want to display when the screen

is off.

Make sure to check that your signature does not exceed the input field.

The battery may drain faster when you use Always-on display. Turn off

this feature to use the battery longer.

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