Knockon, Knock code, Turning on the screen – LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 50: Turning off the screen

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Basic Functions


Available setting items may vary, depending on the selected screen lock



You can turn the screen on or off by double-tapping the screen.

This option is available only on the Home screen provided by LG. It may

not function properly on a custom launcher or on the Home screen

installed by the user.

When tapping the screen, use your fingertip. Do not use a fingernail.

To use the KnockON feature, make sure that the proximity/light sensor

is not blocked by a sticker or any other foreign substance.

Turning on the screen

Double-tap the middle of the screen.

Tapping the top or bottom of the screen may decrease the recognition


Turning off the screen

Double-tap on an empty space on the screen.
You can also double-tap an empty space on the status bar.

Knock Code

You can unlock the screen by creating your own Knock Code. When the

screen is locked, you can directly access the Home screen by tapping the

screen in a specified sequence.

You can use your Knock Code together with the KnockOn feature.

Make sure to use your fingertip when tapping the screen.

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