Pinching and spreading – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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Basic Functions


Pinching and spreading

Pinch two fingers to zoom out such as on a photo or map. To zoom in,

spread your fingers apart.

Do not expose the touch screen to excessive physical shock. You might

damage the touch sensor.

A touch screen failure may occur if you use the device near a magnetic,

metallic or conductive material.

If you use the device under bright lights, such as direct sunlight, the

screen may not be visible, depending on your position. Use the device

in a shady location or a location with an ambient light that is not too

bright and bright enough to read books.

Do not press the screen with excessive force.

Gently tap with your fingertip on the option you want.

The touch control may not work properly if you tap while wearing a

glove or by using the tip of your fingernail.

Touch control may not work properly if the screen is moist or wet.

The touch screen may not function properly if a screen-protective film

or accessory purchased from a third party store is attached to the


Displaying a static image for extended periods of time may result in

afterimages or screen burn-in. Turn off the screen or avoid displaying

the same image for a long time when you do not use the device.

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