Display – LG G6 H872 User Manual

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The Display category allows you to manage various display settings.
On the settings screen, tap

Display and customize the following settings:

Home screen: Customize settings for the Home screen. See


screen settings

for details.

Lock screen: Customize lock screen settings. See

Lock screen settings

for details.

Theme: Select a screen theme for your device.

Home touch buttons: Rearrange Home touch buttons or change their

background colors.

Font type: Change the font face.

Font size: Change the font size.

Bold text: Bold the text on the screen.

App scaling: Adjust the screen size of apps.

Display size: Set the items on the screen to a size that is easy for you

to see. Some items may change position.

Comfort view: Set the device to reduce amount of blue light on screen

to reduce eye strain.

Brightness: Use the slide bar to change the device's screen brightness.

To automatically adjust screen brightness according to ambient light

intensity, tap the

Auto switch.

Always-on display: Always display information, such as the date, time

and notifications, even when the screen is turned off. For details, see

Always-on Display


Auto-rotate screen: Automatically rotate the screen according to the

device's orientation.

Screen timeout: Automatically turn off the screen when the device is

left idle for a specified period of time.

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