Square mode, Burst shot, Simple view – LG G6 H872 User Manual

Page 79: Customizing the camera options

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Useful Apps


Burst shot

You can take continuous shots of photos to create moving pictures.
In the

AUTO mode, touch and hold .

Continuous shots are taken at a fast speed while is held down.

When the storage is set as Internal storage, you can take up to 100

photos. When the storage is set as External storage, you can take up to

30 photos in a row.

Simple view

In the

AUTO mode, tap Simple view to hide the menus on the

camera screen. Tap to display them.

Square mode

You can take multiple photos or videos in the form of a collage by using

the front and rear cameras. Photos and videos can be saved with different



Launch the

Camera app, then tap AUTO ( ) SQUARE( ).



MODE and select the desired camera mode.


To take a photo, tap . To record a video, tap .

Customizing the camera options

You can customize a variety of camera options to suit your preferences.
Tap on the screen.

Available options vary depending on the selected camera (front or rear

camera) and the selected camera mode.

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