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Input channel operations


PM5D/PM5D-RH V2 / DSP5D Owner’s Manual

Operating section

PM5D-RH model


This LED will light if phantom power (+48V) is being
supplied to the corresponding INPUT jacks 1–48 or ST
IN jacks 1–4. However, +48V will not be supplied
unless the rear panel [+48V MASTER] switch is on.


The [SIGNAL] LED will light when the input level
reaches 14 dB below nominal level (i.e., 34 dB below
clipping level). The [PEAK] indicator will light when
the signal reaches 3 dB below clipping level.


This adjusts the brightness of the lamp connected to
the LAMP connector.

On the PM5D-RH model, the AD IN input signal sensitiv-
ity and phantom power (+48V) on/off setting for each
channel are controlled from within the display. However,
the rear panel [+48V MASTER] switch is the phantom
power master switch.

You can adjust the input sensitivity and switch phantom
power (+48V) on/off for the signals being input from
INPUT jacks 1–48 and ST IN jacks 1–4. These operations
are performed differently on the PM5D model and PM5D-
RH model.


Even if input channels are paired, head amp settings must be
made individually.

PM5D model

For the PM5D model, head amp settings are made using
the controls of the AD IN section of the panel (


• The input sensitivity is adjusted by the combination of

the [GAIN] knob setting and [PAN] switch on/off set-
ting for that jack.

• To supply phantom power (+48V) to an INPUT jack

1–48, turn on the [+48V] switch corresponding to that

• To enable an external device that is inserted into the

INSERT IN/OUT jacks, turn on the [INSERT] switch
corresponding to that jack.

PM5D-RH model/DSP5D

On the PM5D-RH model/DSP5D, head amp settings are
made by operations within the display.


Repeatedly press the [SYS/W.CLOCK] key of
the DISPLAY ACCESS section until the HA
screen appears.


In the screen, click the INTERNAL HA button.
The internal head amp settings for INPUT jacks 1–48
and ST IN jacks 1–4 will be displayed.


Use the buttons and knobs in the screen to
edit the head amp settings.

A +48V button

Click this button to switch phantom power (+48V) on/
off for that jack.

B GAIN knob

Drag this knob to adjust the input sensitivity of that
jack in a range of +10 dB to –62 dB.


The PAD will be switched on or off internally when the gain of
the PM5D-RH internal head amp is adjusted between –14 dB
and –13 dB. Keep in mind that noise may be generated if
there is a difference between the Hot and Cold output imped-
ance of the external device connected to the INPUT
connector/ST IN connector when using phantom power.

C GANG button

If this button is on, the input sensitivity of two adja-
cent odd-numbered/even-numbered channels will
change in tandem, maintaining the current offset value.
When making these settings, the LEDs of the AD IN
section of the panel will indicate the input signal level
and the phantom power (+48V) on/off status.


• On the PM5D-RH model and DSP5D, head amp settings can

also be made from the HA/INSERT function CH 1-24 screen,
CH 25-48 screen, or ST IN/FX RTN screen (


• Settings for an external head amp device (AD8HR) can also

be made from the screen in the same way as for the inter-
nal head amps.




Controlling the input sensitivity and
phantom power (+48V) of the head amp