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Publication No. GEG-99141


Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
About this Manual


Thank you for selecting the Intelliprint cL160 laser printer. This User Guide contains important
information about the operation and care of your printer. Please read this manual in its entirety and
keep it at hand for later reference.

About this Manual


This User Guide contains all of the information necessary to operate and care for your printer and
accessories. It is intended to be used with the pictorial unpacking instructions and the Installation
Guide, both included in the printer packaging. If you have not already unpacked and installed the
printer, please refer to these documents. This guide does not contain instructions for unpacking
and installing the printer.


This manual contains nine chapters and four appendixes:


The Preface contains information about this guide and about the features and available configura-
tions of the printer. This chapter also describes precautions for the safe use and preservations of the
printer. In order to avoid serious injury or accident, all users should read this chapter.

Chapter 1: Installing the Printer

This chapter describes how to select an appropriate installation location, what accessories are pro-
vided with the printer, and the installation procedures required once you have chosen a location for
your printer.

Chapter 2: Maintenance

This chapter explains any necessary maintenance procedures, such as feeding paper, cleaning, and
other procedures required for normal operation.

Chapter 3: Dealing with Problems

This chapter describes solutions to any problems that might occur when using the printer. Read
this chapter to determine the nature of the problem and the best method of dealing with it.

Chapter 4: Paper Jams

This chapter explains procedures for dealing with paper jams.

Chapter 5: Consumables

This chapter provides information about the expendables used with the printer, and also describes
handling and replacement procedures.

Chapter 6: Options

This chapter describes any available options and the procedures for their installation and removal.