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Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Sources of Support

About this Appendix

This appendix provides information on how to contact GENICOM LLC for technical support,
service, and repair issues, and also provides part numbers for the printer, options, and consumables.

Sources of Support

There are several sources of Customer Support available to you, depending upon the type of assis-
tance that you need.


The local vendor that you purchased the printer through may be best equipped to help you with
printer problems. Your vendor has specially trained service technicians available to answer ques-
tions, and also has equipment that is necessary to analyze printer problems.

Your Application Vendor

Printing problems often have more to do with the application you are using than with the printer
itself. Contact the manufacturer of the application in use for assistance in resolving such problems.


The GENICOM LLC server provides access to technical reports, new product announcements, a
trade show schedule, and other general information about GENICOM LLC.

You can access the GENICOM LLC server via any one of the many world-wide web browsers avail-
able to Internet users. The GENICOM LLC home page is http://www.genicom.com.

GENICOM LLC Technical Support

GENICOM LLC Technical Support is available M-F, 8:00 am-8:00 pm, Eastern Time, (540)
949-1031(US). You can also fax questions to GENICOM Technical Support at (540) 949-1505
(US). Please indicate whether you would like a fax or telephone reply.

If you call for assistance, have the following information ready so our technicians can help you
more quickly—also include this information with any question that you fax to GENICOM Tech-
nical Support:

Your phone number, fax number, and shipping address

A description of the problem

The printer model

The type of host computer you are using

The type and version of operating system you are using

The interface you are using, and, if serial, the protocol

The application and version you are using

The emulation you are using

Your printer firmware version (listed on the status pages)