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Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Adjusting Color Registration

Adjusting Color Registration

Follow the procedure below to adjust the color registration when first installing the printer or after
moving it to a new location.


Use the control panel to print the color registration adjustment chart.


From the Y (yellow), M (magenta) and C (cyan) lines to the right of the chart, find the value
of the straightest lines.


Input the values that you found in step 2 into the Y=?, M=? and C=? fields of the Color regis-
tration adjustment.


Press the Set button.
‘*’ appears and the new color balance chart is printed.


Color registration adjustment is complete when the straightest Y (yellow), M (magenta) and
C (Cyan) lines is next to the ‘0’ line. Close the menu on the control panel.


If 0 is not next to the straightest lines, repeat steps

2 - 5


Installing Printer Drivers and Locating User Documentation

Installing Printer Drivers and other Software for UNIX and Windows

To install printer drivers and other software for UNIX and Windows, go to the SOFTWARE folder
located on the Electronic Library CD-ROM. The SOFTWARE folder contains the following sub-

Drivers Folder

The Drivers folder contains all of the printer drivers necessary to print from Windows 3.1and
95/98, and Windows NT 3.5.1 and 4.0, and Windows 2000 systems. Refer to the DRIV-
ERS.TXT file included in this folder for more information about installing and using driver

EZWebCon Folder

The EZWebCon folder contains the EZWebCon software used to configure and manage
your Network Interface Card. Refer to the README.TXT file included in this folder for
more information about installing and using EZWebCon.

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