Genicom cL160 User Manual

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Publication No. GEG-99141


Apr 02


GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide
Safety Precautions

When lifting the printer, get a firm footing and bend your knees to avoid possible injuries to
your back.

The printer has ventilation holes on the rear panel. Ensure that the printer is installed no
less than 150 mm from the wall on the right, 100 mm from the wall on the left, and 200
mm from the wall at the back. A poorly ventilated printer can cause excessive internal heat
and fire. The accompanying diagram shows the minimum clearances required for normal
operation, consumables replacement, and maintenance to ensure your printer operates at
peak performance.

When moving the printer, be sure to unplug the power cord from the outlet. If the printer is
moved with the power cord connected, it can cause damage to the cord, which could result
in fire or electric shocks.

When moving the printer, do not tilt it more than 10 degrees. If tilted excessively, the
printer may fall over and cause injuries.

There is danger of the printer falling.