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Apr 02


Publication No. GEG-99141

GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide


Ethernet Network Interface Troubleshooting

Bitmap Graphics

If files that contain embedded bitmap graphics print incorrectly, it is because the bitmaps are being
sent as actual binary data and binary data cannot be printed via serial or parallel interfaces.

Most major application packages have provisions to print using either “binary postscript” (for
printers connected to the network via LocalTalk) or “hex postscript” (for printers connected to the
network via a serial port or parallel port). If your application does not have this provision, ask the
application vendor for an upgrade version or “patch” that will add the “hex postscript” function.

Technical Support

If you are experiencing an error that is not listed in this chapter, or if you are unable to fix the error,
contact your point of purchase or Technical Support as listed in Appendix A.

When you report a problem, please provide the following information:

Your name, and your company name, address, and phone number

Printer model number

Printer serial number

Software version (use the Show Server command to display)

Network configuration, including the information from a Netstat command

Description of the problem

Debug report (stack dump), if applicable

Status of the unit when the problem occurred (please try to include information on user and
network activity at the time of the problem).

Service Characteristics

Issue the Show Service Characteristics command. If
the service rating is zero, the parallel port is in use.
Verify that the PostScript characteristic and
appropriate protocols have been enabled on the

Port Counters

If PostScript jobs appear to print but nothing comes
out of the printer, verify the amount of data sent from
the host. Issue the appropriate print command from the
host system. After the job has completed, use the
Show Port 1 Counters command.

Area to Check