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Publication No. GEG-99141

GENICOM Intelliprint cL160 User Guide


Ethernet Network Interface Troubleshooting

Printing Problems

BOOTP Troubleshooting

If the BOOTP request is failing and you have configured your host to respond to the request, check
these areas:

Area to Check


Physical connection

To test a non-PostScript printer use the Test Port 1
Count 100
command. This command will send 100
lines of test data to the printer.

Service characteristics

Use the Show Service Local Characteristics
command from a network login to see if the desired
service is available and to verify that the appropriate
protocols are enabled on the service.

The IP address

The IP address must be unique on the network. Many
problems will occur when there are duplicate IP
addresses on the network.

Queue Status and Port counters

Use the Monitor Queue command to ensure queue
entries appear in the job list. If an entry does not
appear, refer to the appropriate host section in this
Use the Monitor Port


Counters command to

verify that the counter is incrementing with each job.
If it is not, verify the connection between the network
interface and the printer.

Area to Check


BOOTP is in your system’s
/etc/services file

BOOTP must be an uncommented line in the /etc/

The network interface’s name is
in the loadhost’s
/etc/hosts file

The network interface’s name must be in this file for the
host to answer a BOOTP or TFTP request.

The download file is in the
correct directory and is

The download file must be in the correct directory and
world-readable. Specify the complete pathname for the
download file in the BOOTP configuration file or, a add a
default pathname to the download filename.

The network interface and host
are in the same IP network

Some hosts will not allow BOOTP replies across IP
networks. Either use a host running a different operating
system or put the network interface in the same IP
network as the host.